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Why Incomplete?

This guide is primarily written for those who want to travel across Madagascar without a tour operator. In that vein, the notes contained within are mostly suited to budget travelling but will vary at times to include other options. Pricing indicated alongside should clarify suitability.

Why incomplete? Largely because a country is forever changing and the information will expire before I know it. The fact that this is published online helps somewhat but it will always be a patchwork of locations and relevancy. As an aid, I've placed relevant dates alongside articles whenever it felt important to know the when the visit occurred or an update was received. Otherwise it can be hard to know if what's read today is applicable to tomorrow.

Secondly, this guide is far from comprehensive and is aiming to casually include recommendations and information on what was visited and used that stood out or felt appropriate to describe, rather than an exhaustive list of every available amenity. An important question to me was whether scattered information was of enough use to surpass any redundancies from not being an exhaustive guide. I would have found it useful when planning and that's, perhaps, enough to warrant sharing.

As always, we were taking lots of notes along the road in sketchbooks and on phones. Thinking of the latter, I tried to make sure that everything on this site will work on mobile devices. So notes from the road should be possible for any article by anyone should I have managed to mess up a detail or, as will happen, passing time means change and change means updates are needed.

Finally, I'm far from an authority on any subject in Madagascar—just another person who's interested in the country and culture after living and working there. Should anything I've described conflict with other information, do give consideration to the other source if it's known to be reliable. Better yet, add a comment to the article in question when in doubt.



All correspondence, updates and enquiries can be sent via this form. If an update is in relation to existing information it may be better suited as a comment alongside the article. You'll find a comment button on all pages in the planning and locations sections.


All information, photographs, graphics and layout are © Incomplete Madagascar unless otherwise stated. No part of these is to be used, copied or distributed elsewhere without written permission. Incomplete Madagascar takes no responsibility for any outcome from following information contained in the guidelines and readers should do so at their own risk.

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Some articles contain coloured markers in the margin, denoting a relevance as follows:

A declaration of interest that I have worked for an organisation(s) mentioned in this passage, or an organisation with at least partial responsibility for points of interest listed. As this guide is described as incomplete, I've provided information wherever I have experiences rather than postponing on the hope that I'll be able to complete a similar encounter in parallel amenities or organisations.

I hope that the effort I've gone to to bang pots and lids that this guide is a patchwork of information leaves nobody under the impression that there can't be other similar amenities or organisations of merit. Nevertheless, I thought it was important to note any potential for bias where relevant.

While this is a reality of any guide, I feel it might be more pertinent in this one.